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Hello, My name is Tanisha Davis. I have always had a passion for Jewelry and making Custom Designs. I have always had a passion for uplifting people and giving encouragement. My friends and family come to me for advice and I am always there for them whether good or bad.  I started having a passion to create this company some years ago. But GOD gave me the name in 2021.

I chose to launch Jewel of Destiny, October 6 because GOD has a calling on my life and I believe i was born and purposely created to spread his love and to be an example to people of all color and ages especially women. I am a strong believer of women empowerment. I believe women should be strong and walk in their Destiny GOD has planned for their life.

We are an example and should lift each other up and not tear each other down. This business stands strong on not judging others and to uplift and spread positivity and love. Each custom design is created to show as a representation to remind women that they are beautiful, strong, fierce, and customly made by GOD. We all can overcome any obstacle life may bring.

Free shipping on orders over $100
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