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His Righteousness Bracelet

Size: S-M

His Righteousness Bracelet

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  • Please understand that our products are made from metals such as gold and silver. We also have some products that are made of resin, aluminum and glass. For our beaded products we use elastic stretch material. We understand that some may be allergic or sensitive to these materials. It is the responsibility of each Jewel who decides to purchase  our products to know of any allergies they may have.
    Since there is no way for us  to know of any of your allergies; Jewel of Destiny, LLC will not be held accountable for any allergic reactions that may result from  wearing our products. 

    Please understand that some of our products  contain small pieces  such as charms or beads. This  may result a choking hazard if ingested. So we ask that all our products be kept away from young children or other individuals who could potentially ingest our products. We want all our jewels and anyone who are wearing or around our products to be safe. Jewels, please wear these pieces with care. We ask that you do not wear our products in places that may involve the products to get wet or damaged such as pools or showers.  

    By making any purchases on our website you agree to our privacy and disclaimers.

    Thank you for choosing Jewel of Destiny!  

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